Founded in 2002, Afghan Friends Network (AFN) is working hard to improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan and empower educators in a country that has been ravaged for nearly 30 years by war and political strife. An all-volunteer, grass-roots organization, AFN efficiently provides support directly to the people who need it most, setting a high standard for fiscal responsibility and program excellence. We are are tightly focused on education, an area that will have a huge impact for generations to come. All of our work is accomplished on a very limited budget. We ask your help in order to continue our work.




We envision a peaceful tomorrow in Afghanistan and beyond.


Afghan Friends Network delivers sustainable programs in education and cultural exchange that nurture potential, promote dignity, and support bold steps for Afghanistan.


Consistent & Flexible  |  Respectful & Principled  |  Fiscally Responsible

Culturally Aware  |  Responsive to the Community  |  Locally Driven

Bold in Leadership

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